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Lol nice

Loved the end.
The guy remind anyone else of Maes Hughes from FMA? sure did for me..

yay to the lee's :D

you guys are great, best singing ever, best animation ever, and i hope you will always do that, and good job for #1 all time submission :D

so much...

your a great animator, but these are super short..and it has been annother 3 years >.> lawl well have fun writing your book, and ill buy it when you finish..in another 3 years :P

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Beat the game

Yes, i did beat it, but it was very frustrating. It felt like the beer Ucogi got into you, the mouse movements were not smooth. If that was done on purpose, i dislike that a lot. if it wasn't please fix it. also some of the level 10 pathways are just too small for the irregular way the mouse moves in this game.

Veinom responds:

not made on purpose. game may get laggy if you got an old pc or many open tabs in your browser.


This game in a summary:
A long-Boring grind, with re-occurring ideas, executed poorly.
Now let me go into detail.

You go vertical instead of horizontal. Mk. Get one gold per kill. Most upgrades cost 1000+. Mmmk... so the game is just a grind, and wasn't very fun. When you bounce into monsters you die if you hit them from the bottom. well, since the object is to go up, you need to avoid the monsters. bouncing off them dosn't give much bonus, and the only thing you would want to actually hit is a bomb. Bombs dont tell you when they wear off, and they wear off before the graphic is actually gone, so you end up trying to extend your combo, then killing yourself.

The major flaw in this game is getting killed by hitting enemies from the bottom.
This game got boring fast, with only four main upgrades, and im not sticking around long enough to get 20k skulls.

Overall the game was frustrating. unoriginal (as many other games have been made like this), boring, and the main idea, of going up but not smashing into the enemies while doing it, pretty dumb.
1/10 except i need to give some points for the graphics.

To the artist: i love your work


2.5/5. For a bullet hell, where the only way to get lives is grazing, but then you get rammed by other ships, and you have "defensive" drones that destroy the bullets, it dosn't make grazing too easy. Would like to see boss health bars, and description of every mutation at the start, so you can choose which way you would like to go. Backgrounds were annoying, and meaningless, music wasnt the greatest, and i couldnt find a mute button. One of the bosses, the one that shoots three lines of red beams, is just free lives, and makes the last levels super easy. (side note) For anyone saying its too hard, its not that hard, just annoying.

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Reminds me of AWOLNATION- "Sail"...somewhat

Ahhh I didn't know you were a NGer <3
Your coolness level went up by like 1000.

(Also great song <3)

Love your music as always, this ones getting a download from me. ;)

Catstuffer responds:

Thanks a lot! Glad you like it and thanks for commenting! :)

~ Cat

The main thing i do on newgrounds is listen/rate the audio portal. people i recommended checking out are -Hania -DJ Nate -HalcyonicFalconX -DimRain47 -Nightkilla

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